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Meet Lego! WOW! He is the ultimate of all Poodles! He is a cream party colored poodle that has the most gorgeous face, body, coat, and overall appearance! A+++ 🤗 Please contact us if you’d like to meet him on FaceTime! He will only get more gorgeous as time passes.😍💙 DON’T LOSE THIS GUY!

✅Breed : POODLE
✅Gender : Male
✅Age : 2.5 months
✅Color : Cream party
✅Estimated weight : 4-5 pounds
✅Personality : Perfect 😍

✔️Registered in the State of MA under Studio Teacup Puppies, LLC.
✔️Always ask for videos with proof of your name and date on the puppy
✔️FaceTime is available
✔️All of our tiny puppies are in their best health and come with 1 year Health Guarantee in the contract!
✔️We offer higher quality and better prices than others! Ask us!

📱Instagram Direct Message

📱WhatsApp: 408-307-9626

✈️ Shipping included only to the following mentioned airports: JFK, MIA, LAX, SFO, LAS, DFW, YYZ and YVR. Flight Nanny available for other airports. 🐾🥰🥰


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